"Call for Inner Mongolia Autonomous Government in China in Order to Maintain and Develop Mongolian Language Education"

  As is commonly known, Chinese government intends to establish an education system centering on Chinese by sequentially abolishing Mongolian language on the pretext of dual language education at Mongolian schools in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region from this fall. Such policy has a risk to lead Mongolian language into decline. In addition it violates the education law of China and various ordinances of the Autonomous Region as well as ordinances regarding language policy enacted by the State Nationalities Affairs Commission. Therefore, I demand the policy to be withdrawn immediately. I would like to ask for approval from many Mongolians living in the world. And I would like to also ask for signature of those who agree with my thought.

Advocate: Yang Haiying, a professor of Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty of Shizuoka University, Japan.

Period of signature acceptance: From 7/22 to 8/10, 2020
This signature should be sent to the Ministry of Education of China, the Education Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Tongliao City Education Bureau and relevant educational institutions.We take great care in managing and securing your signatures. However, we ask you to refrain from providing your telephone number or other important personal information on your signature for safety reasons.

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